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DentalSocks of the Month Club



You get the newest designs before anyone else. We only make 100 pairs of each design and they usually sell out pretty quickly. With your membership, you will have a new design reserved and receive it before anyone else.


You get the best price on all new designs. The price for 1 pair as a member of the club is only $11.95 (includes shipping) compared to the regular price of $19.95. That's a savings of about 40% every month! 


You get new socks shipped to you every month for FREE! Shipping is included for all memberships in the U.S. (value $1.99) and there is a small fee for shipping orders internationally. We can ship anywhere in the world!


You automatically donate a new, all-white pair of socks to someone in need every month you receive a pair of DentalSocks! Did you know that socks are one of the most requested items at homeless shelters but also one of the least donated?! We can all work together to help save lives by donating a pair of socks every month to as many people in need as possible! 


You can exchange any pair you don't like for another pair available. We want you to be completely happy with your sock-of-the-month and if you don't like it, you can send it back to exchange for another pair available on our website. All socks are available for exchange as long as they are not opened and they are still in the original sock packaging.

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Why Choose Our Socks?

✔ Highest Quality Cotton for Comfortability

✔ Reinforced Heel and Toe for Durability

✔ Highest Needle Construction of Dental Designs

Besides the rumor that we make the most comfortable socks with the best dental-inspired designs, we also use the highest-quality cotton material available with the highest standards of production to make sure your socks are as durable as possible for those long days on your feet while looking amazing!



Frequently Asked Questions


What type of socks can I expect each month?

You can expect our typical "dress sock" style of DentalSocks that will feature a new dental design each month!

The designs you receive will vary from festive (depending on the holiday/season); to classic; to fun and colorful. Every pair you receive will be an exclusive, never-before-seen design-- and you get access to it first!


Can I add more than one pair of the monthly design to my box?

Absolutely! When checking out for the first time, you can change the quantity you want in your cart. If you've already checked out, you can go to "Manage Subscriptions"and change the quantity of socks youd like in your box from there.

Note: this will affect how many pairs you receive every month. If you are only increasing your quantity for one month, you must go to "Manage Subscriptions" again and change the quantity back to 1.


Where do I manage my subscription details?

Your new subscription details are managed in the same customer account on our website. The link for managing your subscriptions is located above your name in the profile account labeled "Manage Subscriptions" (picture shown below).

You must use the same email when completing a subscription that you used for creating your initial account with us. If you do not have an account setup yet, please check your confirmation emails you received and you will find a link to create an account.

If you can't find the link in your emails, please use this link below to setup your account :


I don't like the pair I got this month. Can I return them?

If you are not happy with a monthly design you received, you may return them for an exchange only. Just let us know which in-stock pair on our site you would like instead, send us back the pair you received, and we will send your new pair!


Still having trouble?

We are always happy to help you! Please don't hesitate to contact us at



Screenshot of link to manage your subscriptions once logged into your account: