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SOCKS=SMILES:) - It's How We All Give Back!



Socks are the #1 requested item at homeless shelters-- yet, they are the least donated!

When we heard that, we just knew we had to help! And what’s even better? We’re creating a community based on two things: a love for dentistry and helping those in need!

For EVERY order you place on DentalSocks.com, we will donate a brand new pair of socks to someone in need!

We call this our "SOCKS=SMILES:)" initiative :D

Socks are so much more than just a fun fashion statement-- they keep our feet protected from the infinite amount of germs that live where we walk! Without socks, our feet would be exposed to harmful bacterias and put us at much higher risk for harmful, or even fatal, infections.

By purchasing from DentalSocks.com, you’re not only getting an awesome pair of socks for yourself-- you’re also potentially saving a life by providing clean, protective socks to someone who really needs them!