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About Us began with a dental assistant who noticed the extremely limited variety in the dental-themed socks available. Not only were there hardly any out there, but the few were poor quality and the designs were no fun! Numerous dental related forums & Facebook groups expressed disappointment in the lack of options out there. With most dental people wearing the same scrubs day after day, there are very few ways to show a little personality (appropriately) at work!

From there, was born. Our goal is to provide the most comfortable, durable, and fun socks available to all dental people. Our focus is on creating a fun yet professional way to dress up any work uniform, from scrubs to suits! All socks from are designed and tested for quality by our dental team in Denver, CO.

Not only are DentalSocks fashionable & comfortable, but they pay it forward! The number one requested item from shelters and amongst the homeless is socks. Every pair of DentalSocks that you purchase donates a brand new pair of socks to someone in need! Your simple sock order has the potential to change lives by keeping people safe and healthy!